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Fire Lane Violations – Parking Lots in New Jersey

Fire Lane Pavement Markings

What is a Fire Lane?

We all know not to park in a fire lane – and for good reason. A fire lane is a designated area designed to provide first responder and firefighting vehicles access to a building or firefighting fixtures in case of an emergency. Fire lanes and fire zones can be found on both public and private property. No parking of vehicles or storage of materials and equipment is allowed in a fire lane in an effort to maintain an efficient means of access in time critical situations.

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Who Determines the Size and Location of a Fire Lane?

There are standard design requirements specified in the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code along with municipal ordinances adopted by local municipalities. Typical fire lanes in parking lots are required to be at least 18 feet wide to allow for vehicle access. However, the size and location of a fire zone is determined at the sole discretion of the local fire department that has jurisdiction where your property is located.

Who is Responsible for Maintaining a Fire Lane on Private Property?

Although fire lanes are regulated and inspected by local fire departments, the responsibility of regular maintenance and upkeep falls on the property owner or operator. Maintenance includes ensuring that the fire lanes and fire zones on your property are clearly visible and delineated. A clearly defined area is important to keep your buildings visitors and patrons from parking or blocking the lane. Usually a fire lane is marked with a 4” yellow line on either side with large, visible, yellow asphalt markings that read NO PARKING FIRE LANE at a maximum spacing of 100 feet.

What to Do if You Are Issued a Violation on One of Your Properties?

Don’t panic! Although there are serious safety dangers and hefty fines associated with fire lane code violations, you are given time to make corrections. Usually the violation document given to you by the inspecting fire department has a “fix by” or “abate by” date that lets you know when the violation has to be corrected by. If you are unable to make the necessary corrections yourself, reach out to a professional in your area that can make them for you as soon as possible. Make sure the professional you select to perform the work is knowledgeable and familiar with the applicable fire codes in your area.

Received a Fire Lane Maintenance Violation in NJ?

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